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The Track & Trace package contains many helpful means to support almost any kind of parking enforcement operation.

As an Politess application extension Track and Trace offers many great features 

Politess und Ticketman 140907 map Map Web
Geo Tag opt
MP2 Path Tracking opt
MP3 Activity Tracking opt
MP4 Alarm handling opt


Politess und Ticketman 140907 map Politess Map Features and Ooptions
MP1 Geo Tag 
Tickets with GEO position
Tagging all tickets and captured records with GPS geo-info, display ticket location on a map, tracing and reporting from archive, 3 standard queries and reports 

requires Politess Web Office

MP2 Path Tracking
Real-time path tracking
Tracking logs periodically sent from handhelds to server and display current positions on map (nearly real-time), including tracking connector

requires Politess Web Office, Portal Server & Portal Connector

MP3 Acivity Tracking
Activity tracking
Geographical Reporting accross all types of events (tickets, timings, warnings, notes and other activities), based upon all record types tagged with geo-info
Note requires Politess Web Office, Portal Server & Portal Connector
MP4 Alarm handling
Alarm handling
Real-time alarm handling based on tracking data, send alerts to pre-defined destination, including alarm connector and alarm enable and disable management
 Note requires Politess Web Office, Portal Server & Portal Connector and TR2