Application Notes

The Schweers Politess Notes system is a most powerful note book with predefined notes. You may add free text, text based of a catalogue and pictures. Each note can be categorized and for each category you may define certain printouts and Politess Office actions. Such could be forwarding the niote by email, printing it an certain form or notifying the office supervisor. 

This is what Notes is about:

Politess und Ticketman 140810 PE Politess Notes  
Politess Notes 
Editor for standard tables (empty tables with samples or some standard entries)
• Sample offence code table 
• Locations/streets
• Comments
• Vehicle related tables
• Users of one standard user group
• Ticket number range settings
• Simple notebook function
• Transfer software for malunal transfer operations mode• Import & export (conversion into selectable standard export format/for local backoffice system), free selection of local standard export format within first 6 months, thereafter format change fees applicable
• Violation Code updates
• Leagal updates
Your Benetifs
• Getting started: Easy and intuitive enforcement
• Proven automated standard procedures
• Flexible table handling
• Standard data export
• Standard reporting
• Efficiency and security
Supported Countries at present are
• Australia
• Brasil
• Belgium (3rd)
• Denmark
• Greece
• Germany
• Great Britain• Luxemburg
• Israel (3rd)
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Sweden
• Switzerland (3rd)
• The Netherlands
• United Arab Emirates (3rd)
• United States of America
Standards may vary between country/language versions