Application Pilot

The Politess Pilot is a great tool to find and identify overstays, unpaid parking, stolen cars and much more. Once identifed you can directly switch over to Politess Parking Enforcement to issue a ticket

This is what Politess Pilot assist you with:

Politess und Ticketman 140810 PE Politess Pilot   
Politess Pilot 
Editor for standard tables (empty tables with samples or some standard entries)
• Sample offence code table 
• Locations/streets
• Comments
• Vehicle related tables
• Users of one standard user group
• Ticket number range settings
• Simple notebook function
• Transfer software for malunal transfer operations mode• Import & export (conversion into selectable standard export format/for local backoffice system), free selection of local standard export format within first 6 months, thereafter format change fees applicable
• Violation Code updates
• Leagal updates
Your Benetifs
• Getting started: Easy and intuitive enforcement
• Proven automated standard procedures
• Flexible table handling
• Standard data export
• Standard reporting
• Efficiency and security
Supported Countries at present are
• Australia
• Brasil
• Belgium (3rd)
• Denmark
• Greece
• Germany
• Great Britain• Luxemburg
• Israel (3rd)
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Sweden
• Switzerland (3rd)
• The Netherlands
• United Arab Emirates (3rd)
• United States of America
Requires Politess Portal, and may make advatage of Politess Mobile, standards may vary between country/language versions