Politess Map

Politess Map: Alarm, Track & Trace

traisyProper fleet and patrol management are becoming a more siginificant part of modern enforcement systems.

It is not just the need to know the location of an officer, a tow truck or a police car and its whereabouts at a certain time. It is about managing your resources as best as possible. "Politess Map" the Tracking Information System supplies you with this information, right on the spot or at later date for effective statistics and reports.


Politess Map will allow you to graphically report patrolled areas, monitor and supervise and secure your on-street team by a user-friendly web-portal. There is also an option available that gives you access to additional status information like shift-log, speed, path and other status information.

For the safety of your team, the system offers emergency calling and mailing functionality. Politess Map, which is independent from the handheld compter, can help you being there for your team needs you.


Main Features at a glance

  • Instant look-up, while keeping personal information personal
  • Configurable geofence for entering and leaving
  • For your officers, car and other equipment
  • Supports Schweers, Motorola/Zebra and Falcom handheld terminals and smartPhones with built-in GPS
  • Reverse geo-coding to lookup a street address from a given GPS-coordinate (optional)