PanStreet International converts Android smartphones into a powerful mobile LPR scanning device. Completely integrated with our Politess Mobile software and Politess Web Office software.  Capture license plates and perform immediate online look-ups with 3rd party providers i.e. Pay-by-Phone, Pay-by-Plate, digital permitting providers, real-time scofflaw, stolen vehicle lists, etc. by using the camera and our innovative software.  PanStreet International empowers your Parking Enforcement Operations.


Scan the license plate with the camera on the device.


Automatic verification against different databases.


Issue tickets for non-compliant vehicles.

Empower your guards, agents to quickly and accurately determine which cars are approved to be on your property. And which cars are non-compliant and in need of a warning, tow etc.


You control the registered or permitted car list in a web based hosted office. Fully accessible to staff in order to edit, delete or add new plates.


Politess Mobile can be downloaded to standard android smartphones provided by the user or robust professional tools provided and maintained by Schweers.

Seamlessly, all the above features are available for the Inspection team through a simple unified hassle free screen.


Street smart enforcement


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