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Built-in printer & camera


Hardware and Software for

Parking Enforcement


Hardware and Software for Parking Enforcement

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Ruggear Lands in San Diego

San Diego Airport goes live with their new fleet of Ruggear units. Read more here

–– Visit us at the –– PIPTA Expo in Tacoma, WA

Stop by and check our enforcement tools shown at booth #5

Kirkland chooses the new X7

Officers upgrading to the new all-in one X7. Read more here

 Integrated Enforcement

with Handheld Devices


Handhelds for Parking Enforcement

Schweers Hardware for Parking Enforcement

•  Hi-res Camera  •  Thermal Printer  •  2D-Barcode Scanner  •  Smart Battery Management  •  Touchscreen  •  Durability  •


Intelligent Software

for Schweers Hardware


 Software for enforcement

politess by Schweers - Software for Parking Enforcement

•  License Plate Recognition (LPR)  •  1D-Barcode, 2D-Barcode, and RFID Scanning  •  GPS Integration  •  Cloud Capabilities  •


Expandable and Upgradable

politess Software


Modules for Parking Enforcement

Modules for politess - expand the capabilities of your politess Software

•  Pay-by-Phone  •  Pay-by-Plate  •  Pay-by-Space  •  Permit Check  •  Scofflaw Lookup  •  Chalking  •  And many more  •


 Making Cities Smarter with

Automated License Plate Recognition


iForecONE - Sensen - ALPR for Parking Enforcement Enforcement

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) - State-of-the-Art Parking Enforcement Technology


Geographical Mapping

for Better Enforcement


GEO Mapping for Enforcement

GEO Mapping for politess -  Track and Analyze Geographical Data for Tickets and Officers

•  Track and Analyze Location Data  •  Geographical Event Reporting  •  Allow Officers to Request Assistance at their Location  •


Michael Schweers


"Although an officer’s major job is about enforcement, given the correct tool, they can perform a much broader range of services that benefit the community.  As ambassadors of municipalities, parking enforcement officers are encouraged to welcome visitors, help with directions and be friendly faces in the midst of a busy town or city. Equipped with the appropriate parking enforcement solution, the officer can offer a higher degree of service to the public while increasing returns and benefits to the city." — Michael Schweers, Founder and CEO of Schweers International





Street smart enforcement


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