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San Diego



San Diego Airport has relied on Schweers Technologies since 2008 to provide both a Parking and a Violation Enforcement solution. The Airport is the busiest single runway commercial airport in the USA and had 20 million passengers last year. Reported by Forbes Magazine to be one of the top 5 Best Airports in the USA, Schweers is proud to be part of this success.



Officers are now equipped with 55 new RG730 professional smartphones loaded with a custom, highly streamlined and efficient enforcement solution. Sophisticated online “shared” enforcement eliminates the need for hand written notes and completely automates their operation. Each Violation is saved and made available for all officers to review, check status of the infringement and either clear the infraction or issue another Violation linked to the first. In addition, an information module allows officers to help tourists quickly answer questions about airlines, hotels, cabs etc. empowering them to be true ambassadors of the Airport. Built as a Web based solution, it is available from any computer or laptop. Wi-Fi driven, real-time Scofflaw checks and integration with Duncan Solutions for post processing contributes to the power of this new system.





For the last 15 years, Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, turned to Schweers for help with their parking enforcement. With 13 Universities and Colleges and a metropolitan area with over 2 million inhabitants Schweers collaborated with this international destination to provide a progressive parking enforcement solution.



When Copenhagen was faced with a new countrywide mandate to eliminate paper parking tickets they again turned to Schweers. We are proud to continue our successful relationship with this historic city and have launched a fully integrated and digitalized solution. Our new solution includes 120 devices + 3 Sensen LPR scan cars with real-time integrations including residential digital permitting, pay-by-phone and LPR. Lookups to multiple 3rd party providers are accomplished in parallel and within seconds from both the devices and the LPR scan cars. Violations captured with the LPR scan cars are sent in real-time to the nearest device for fast and efficient enforcement.

Portland Park&Recreation


Portland Parks



Schweers Technologies is announcing the installation of a new parking enforcement solution for The Park and Recreation Department of The City of Portland. Tasked with enforcing the parking at Portland’s baseball fields, memorials, tennis courts, hiking trails and skateboard parks The Park and Recreation Department turned to Schweers Technology.


"You can't rely on bringing people downtown, you have to put them there"

– Jan Jacobs, Urban Economist





The City of Cologne has installed more than 250 Politess handheld computers and issue 12,000 - 15,000 tickets a day.



Cologne is using different versions of our handheld computers all integrated with Politess software.



New York

Parking citations are issued using six x600 handhelds, wireless connectors to Parkeon pay stations, scofflaw and permit list enforcement, and real time ticket upload.



The city has selected Parkmobile as their pay-by-phone provider. Schweers remotely integrated with this 3rd party provider for real time enforcement of pay-by-phone spaces. Brekford Corporation provides the cloud data processing and collections system.

Berlin, Germany




For 18 years Berlin has chosen Schweers as their go-to for parking and code enforcement solutions, trusting us to help enforce their city of 3.5 million people


Berlin has recently renewed their contract for over 500 new Ticketman handhelds with real time services. Ethernet communication links 12 different municipal offices spread across the city. Each office houses anywhere from 10 to 120 handhelds.  Approximately 8,000,000 tickets are issued every year.


Dubei, UAE




In 2009, Dubai Road and Transport Authority renewed their 300 handheld units with the latest x600 models.  They are operating in some of the most challenging on-street conditions in the world.



With outdoor temperatures reaching over 120°F and extremely high levels of humidity, our devices are constantly pushed to their limit, and still succeed.

About 500,000 tickets are issued every year, including wireless real-time checking of parking permits and photo handling.  There is sophisticated data transfer scheduling in place with several different transfer configurations during the daily 24hr cycle.  Using locally programmed English/Arabic software, programmers are supported by Schweers.





Portland, Oregon recently renewed their contract for 72 x600 units, complete with 2D barcode readers.  They have custom mobile software that supports their sophisticated permit program.



Their program comes complete with a timing procedure, a warning module, and an enhanced management and reporting tool. Also integrated is GPS officer tracking, allowing officers to log their daily schedule. We've recently deployed our Task and Shift Management feature. In the spring of 2016 the city selected Passport as their pay-by-phone provider. Schweers will integrate with this 3rd party provider to layer in enforcement of pay-by-phone payments both by license plate and list.




Moreland City Council of Melbourne, Australia has been a customer since 2011, using 20 Ticketman integrated with an in ground system (PODS) designed by VMS.



The PODS are completely concealed under the road surface in over 4,300 on and off street parking spaces alerting officers when parked vehicles have over stayed.  The Ticketman automatically uploads all infringement data from the sensor, the officer inputs vehicle details and prints out the ticket.








Amherst is located in beautiful Western Massachusetts and is the home to the University of Mass, Amherst College and Hampshire College. In December 2015 Schweers installed a new parking enforcement solution for this college town with 5 - X600s integrated with color cameras, 3” thermal printers and 3 G modems.



Permit lists are loaded onto the handheld daily, integration with Civicsmart/Duncan multi space meters for realtime payment status and integration with Tyler Muni and the town’s Court system for back office processing.

Dubei, UAE




Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with a population of 180,000. In 2016 Schweers installed a web-based system with 3 SenFORCE LPR scan cars, 25 handhelds, integration with Easypark pay-by-phone, and two digital permitting providers for both University and residential permits.



Using our proprietary portal server, we launch safe and secure queries to all three separate providers in parallel for both single plate and list queries. Queries are made by both our LPR cars and our handheld's LPR for immediate results.



"The experience has been light years forward in ease of use, in flexibility of the system and the organization to adapt to our needs, and in cost.  They offered far better real-time systems ... integrated nicely with our various parking meter systems; mechanical meters, Parkeon Multimeter and lot based systems.  We integrated data from our Town Clerk's parking permit system so officers could validate if the vehicle's permits were valid ... are about to start using Android phones to manage our Handicapped Enforcement.  The organization has been VERY patient and flexible with the town and has made many customizations and enhancements."  — Bill Crowley, Director of Information Technology, Town of Huntington, NY.


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