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Michael Schweers
CEO and Founder, Schweers International

Mr. Schweers has over 28 years’ experience with literally hundreds of municipal parking and traffic enforcement departments worldwide. Mr. Schweers is the founder of Schweers International, formed in 1988 to develop, manufacture and support automated hand-held enforcement systems around the world.


Schweers’ hand-held computers and citation issuing and service applications are in use in more than 1,200 cities around the globe, issuing more than 100 million tickets annually.


Pam Arian
Director of Brand Awareness and Client Development

Pam started working at Schweers in 2012.  Responsible for finding and developing relationships with key partners thereby enabling us to integrate and offer more complex and layered solutions.  Overseeing the daily management of the business including the development of marketing materials, targeting new areas of growth, management of the budget, hiring and developing of staff.  Direct client support to identify and match customer goals with Schweers solutions.

Ingo 300

Ingo Schweers
Director of Operations

Ingo started working with Schweers International in 2006 to create the long standing ergonomic design of the Ticketman devices,  including the X600 and now the X7. The new X7 is the first ever Android tablet with a built in 3”  thermal printer.  In 2010 Ingo joined the USA division as Director of Operations.  In addition to overseeing USA operations he is involved in hardware and software development.  Ingo is trained as an Architect and graduated from the Technical University of Cologne in 1987.

Stephan Meiser
Marketing and Project Manager

Mr. Meiser is a specialist in developing, deploying and supporting mobile handheld enforcement systems and databases for over 200 customers. He has a wide range of IT project management skills in the areas of project management, ITIL, IT integration, requirements analysis, software development and change management.

He supports and consults for and with Schweers customers worldwide. He has worked at Schweers 27 years in all areas of software programming and project management. Previously, he was a teacher for the electronic processing of data.


Timo Hartmann
Chief Application Manager

Mr. Hartmann is a software developer for various mobile and server platforms, especially Windows, Windows CE and Windows Mobile, using C++ and C# and the Android plattform. He designs and implements software for mobile and server applications, specializing in online systems, data transfer and information retrieval.


Software development for various platforms, especially Windows and Windows CE, using Delphi and C#. Creation of single- and multi-tier applications using SQL Server and Oracle. Creation of web applications and web services using ASP.NET. Programming languages: C#, Object Pascal, C, C++, x86 Assembler. Foreign language skills: fluent in spoken and written English.

Ernst Grewe
Chief System Programmer

Mr. Grewe is a software developer for various mobile and server platforms, especially Windows, Windows CE and Windows Mobile, and the Android platform. Driver development (Windows CE, DOS), Operating system development (Windows CE, DOS, BIOS), Development of hardware test and configuration tools.


Programming languages: C, C++, Pascal, Assembler, Project management (with internal employees and also with external companies).

Ingo Koch
Application Programmer, Mobile/Online

Software development for various platforms, especially Windows, Windows CE and Windows Mobile, using C++ and C# and the Android plattform. Design and implementation of mobile applications with online functionality.


Design and implementation of server side communication services and components for data transfer and information retrieval. Design and implementation of the Schweers Software Development Kit for C# support of the Schweers devices.


Benjamin Wessel
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Heiko Stuetjens
Product Manager

Heiko started at Schweers in September 2001 as a Network Administrator. Subsequently he took over the responsibility for all customer support, training and installation throughout the German customer base. He was also the Project Manager for major installations such as Berlin and Frankfurt.


Heiko has enormous knowledge of all our products and services in any kind of environment and with any kind of online or offline connectivity.

The Interns

In New Jersey we mentor High School students from the local public High School. The students are members of the school’s Robotics Team. These students have gone onto study Engineering at Columbia, MIT, Drexel, University of Michigan etc. and return to help us and as shown here - attend our annual pizza parties.

The Deron High School

The Deron School

Schweers Technologies partners with the Deron School for electronic recycling.


The Deron School is a special needs school located in our home town of Montclair, NJ.  Offering programs in academics, fine and gross motor coordination and social & independent living skills for students with disabilities including autism.  Schweers is proud to partner with the Deron school and provide them with needed electronics for their electronic recycling program.  Students practice fine tuning their small motor skills by disassembling the many electronic components of the Schweers handhelds and sorting the pieces for electronic recycling.  This is a win-win for the students, the school, our customers and the environment.

Our Team

Montclair High School

Schweers Technologies mentors students from our local public High School - Montclair High School. These students are member’s of the school’s Robotics team. Due to this relationship we now sponsor the Montclair High School Robotics Team.


The Team known as Team 555 was founded in 2001 and is open to all interested students attending the high school. Team 555 competes with other teams thru an international organization known as FIRST. FIRST was founded in 1989 by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire students to participate in science, technology, engineering and math careers. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration ad Recognition of Science and Technology.”


Many members of the team go on to gain admission to prestigious universities and often choose majors in Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Design, Mathematics etc.


In addition these high school students mentor middle school students preparing them to participate in the rigorous high school program.


We are proud to be part of this community, to mentor these students and to fund their work.  


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