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 Integrated Enforcement

with Handheld Devices


Read more about our hardware solutions

Schweers Hardware for Parking Enforcement

•  hi-res camera  •  thermal printer  •  2D barcode scanner  •  smart battery management  •  touchscreen display  •  durability  •


Intelligent Software

for Schweers Hardware


 Software for enforcement

politess by Schweers - Software for Parking Enforcement

•  License Plate Recognition (LPR)  •  1D barcode, 2D barcode, and RFID scanning  •  GPS integration  •  cloud capabilities  •


Expandable and Upgradable

politess Software


Softeare modules for Enforcement

Modules for politess - expand the capabilities of your politess Software

•  Pay-by-Phone  •  Pay-by-Plate  •  Pay-by-Space  •  Permit Check  •  Scofflaw Lookup  •  Chalking  •


 Making Cities Smarter with

License Plate Recognition


Sensen LPR for Enforcement

License Plate Recognition (LPR) - State-of-the-art Parking Enforcement Technology


Geographical Mapping

for Better Enforcement


GEO Mapping for Enforcement

GEO Mapping for politess -  Track and Analyze Geographical Data for Tickets and Officers

•  track and analyze location data  •  geographical event reporting  •  allow officers to request assistance at their location  •



Street smart enforcement


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