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Huntington, NY Parking Enforcement


Huntington, NY

Huntington, NY upgrades their enforcement with a new fleet of x7 All-in-One handhelds


July 2017 - Huntington, NY renews Schweer’s contract and upgrades to the new Android based X7 solution.


The ergonomic X7 is the first Android based all in one device with an integrated 3” thermal printer, 5 MP color camera, robust 2 d bar code scanner, 4 G modem, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and tactile keyboard.


A fully hosted web based solution powered by Politess includes realtime integration with Parkeon multi space kiosks and Parkmobile pay by space. Realtime ticketing, permit and scofflaw checks. Unlimited photos linked to ticket data. Integration with Brekford’s IP360 for post processing.


Huntington is located in Suffolk County on the north shore of Long Island. Founded in 1653 Huntington is a commuter town with a population of 203,000 residents. Visited by harsh, cold and snowy winters balanced by hot, sunny and humid summers Schweers devices meet and exceed the demands of the climate and the needs of a thriving community.


Customized volunteer handicap solution to come in stage 2 followed by an integrated onsite permit issuance solution for beach and marinas.

New Orleans, LA

International Parking Institute 2017 Conference and Expo


May 2017 - Schweers Technologies will join the largest gathering of parking professionals in the US in New Orleans, May 21 - 24. Check out our hardware (integrated printer) solutions, and latest technologies LIVE on LPR software on handhelds. Visit us at the 2017 IPI Conference & Expo. Come see us at Booth 1145.


New Orleans IPI EXPO 2017 B 2

Kirkland, WA

irkland, WA selects Schweers to strengthen their Parking Enforcement Operation


February 2017 - Schweers Technologies to upgrade the parking enforcement operation in Kirkland, WA. Kirkland has a population of 87,000 and is located outside of Seattle, WA. Situated on Lake Washington with a vibrant downtown, Kirkland has seen explosive growth. Home of Google’s development office and familiar to Costco shoppers who favor Costco’s private label product named after this town.


Kirkland Parking Enforcement Integration


Schweers will provide their new all-in-one x7 handheld as well as Rugged RG730 smartphones. Mixing Android devices based on the officer’s task all feeding into our Web based hosted system. Safe and secure integration with Cale Pay-by-Plate multi space meters as well as Pay-by-Phone payments. Automatic checks for Permits as well as scofflaw - within seconds. All ticket data seamlessly transfers to the City’s court system for post processing.


Stage 2 will include integration with Kirkland’s existing ALPR scan-cars.


San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA upgrades their enforcement with a new fleet of Ruggear units


October 2016 - San Diego Airport has relied on Schweers Technologies since 2008 to provide both a Parking and a Violation Enforcement solution. The Airport is the busiest single runway commercial airport in the USA and had 20 million passengers last year. Reported by Forbes Magazine to be one of the top 5 Best Airports in the USA, Schweers is proud to be part of this success.


San Diego Airport Parking Enforcement


Officers are now equipped with 55 new RG730 professional smartphones loaded with a custom, highly streamlined and efficient enforcement solution. Sophisticated online "shared" enforcement eliminates the need for hand written notes and completely automates their operation. Each Violation is saved and made available for all officers to review, check status of the infringement and either clear the infraction or issue another Violation linked to the first. In addition, an information module allows officers to help tourists quickly answer questions about airlines, hotels, cabs etc. empowering them to be true ambassadors of the Airport. Built as a Web based solution, it is available from any computer or laptop. Wi-Fi driven, real-time Scofflaw checks and integration with Duncan Solutions for post processing contributes to the power of this new system.


Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls, NY Introduces The New X7 Solution For Parking Enforcement


September 2016 - Schweers Technologies upgrades Niagara Falls, NY’s enforcement operation. Handwritten citations are replaced by a fully automatic solution featuring the new X7 handheld device. A first in the United States, we are proud to introduce our new ergonomically designed X7 unit designed and manufactured by Schweers. The X7 is Android based with a built in 5 mega pixel camera, 3” thermal printer, 2D bar code reader, LPR, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

 Niagara Falls Parking Enforcement


Niagara Fall’s solution is integrated with Parkeon’s Pay by Plate Kiosks and Whoosh Pay by Phone application. The handheld queries the Parkeon server and receives the most current plate status for each license plate in question. In addition, each plate is automatically checked against a current scofflaw list and officers are given an immediate alert if a match is found. Unlimited photos can be taken and linked to the ticket data. The 2D bar code scanner is used to scan the vin code which prepopulates the handheld with information about the vehicle – plate, expiration date etc.


This is a fully web hosted solution with easy access for authorized administrators from any laptop, computer, phone etc. All ticket data is sent to Niagara Fall’s back office for post processing.


The robust X7 can meet and exceed the demands of this city’s harsh and snowy winters yet hot, humid summers.


Niagara Falls is currently visited by almost ten million people each year, with the waterfall considered one of the United States' top ten tourist destination. 


Copenhagen, Denmark

The City of Copenhagen uses iForceONE scan-cars for enforcement


   For the last 15 years, Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, turned to Schweers for help with their parking enforcement. With 13 Universities and Colleges and a metropolitan area with over 2 million inhabitants Schweers collaborated with this international destination to provide a progressive parking enforcement solution.

Parking Enforcement Copenhagen


When Copenhagen was faced with a new countrywide mandate to eliminate paper parking tickets they again turned to Schweers. We are proud to continue our successful relationship with this historic city and have launched a fully integrated and digitalized solution. Our new solution includes 120 devices + 3 Sensen LPR scan cars with real-time integrations including residential digital permitting, pay-by-phone and LPR. Lookups to multiple 3rd party providers are accomplished in parallel and within seconds from both the devices and the LPR scan cars. Violations captured with the LPR scan cars are sent in real-time to the nearest device for fast and efficient enforcement.


Portland's Dept. of Parks & Recreation

Portland Parks and Recreation chooses Schweers as their parking enforcement solution


February 2016 – Schweers Technologies is announcing the installation of a new parking enforcement solution for The Park and Recreation Department of The City of Portland. Tasked with enforcing the parking at Portland’s baseball fields, memorials, tennis courts, hiking trails and skateboard parks The Park and Recreation Department turned to Schweers Technology. With 2,300,000 people living in the metropolitan area The Parks and Recreation Department needed help converting their operation from hand written tickets to a web based, real time enforcement operation.


Team Portland


In February 2016 Schweers installed X600s with integrated 2 D bar code scanners, color cameras, printers and 3G modems. 3 different permit categories are enforced with automatic checks made against daily downloaded lists. The 2D bar code scanner is use to scan daily permits to check for fraud and 1 d bar code permits are scanned into the handheld in order to include the xx # in the history of the infraction. The successful integration with Cale meters enables the officer to check, in real time from the X600, the payment status of parking spaces within the Cale zones. All ticket data is transferred in real time to a Politess Web Office in order for the administrator to review and forward to the city’s court system for processing.


Schweers Technology has been helping The City of Portland with their parking enforcement since 2005. We are proud to collaborate with the Park and Recreation Department to create an efficient and streamlined solution for their busy environment.

Amherst, MA

Amherst, MA selects Schweers to upgrade their parking enforcement


February 2016 - Schweers Technologies has recently completed the installation new Parking Enforcement hardware and software for the Town of Amherst, MA. Schweers Technologies, along with its parent company Schweers International, is a world market leader in the manufacture and development of hand held devices, parking enforcement systems, Web based operations and hand held applications for professional law enforcement. With 1,200 customers and 10,000 devices in use everyday throughout the world Schweers is proud to bring this experience to Amherst, MA.


Team Portland


The Town of Amherst, established in 1759, is the home of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College and Hampshire College. Located in the Berkshires with a fulltime population of 37,800, an active tourist base and harsh winters the Town of Amherst needed a rugged yet flexible solution that could grow with the town's changing needs. Officers now issue tickets with 4 - x600 handheld devices with integrated color cameras, integrated 3" thermal printers and 3G modems for online connectivity. Integration with Civicsmart (formerly Duncan) meters for realtime payment status of parking spaces. Photos are linked with each infraction, permit lists are loaded on the handheld daily to enable automatic lookups with each license plate, notice of Civicsmart meter query is printed on each appropriate ticket, ticket data is downloaded at the end of the shift, reviewed by administrators and seamlessly pushed to the Tyler Muni and the Town's Court system for back office processing.


Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon renews contract with Schweers for parking enforcement


Montclair, N.J., January 21, 2015 - Schweers Technologies, a world market leader in the manufacture and development of hand held devices, parking enforcement systems, Web based operations and hand held applications for professional law enforcement, has announced the renewal of their contract with the City of Portland, OR.


Team Portland


Portland, a customer since 2003, renewed their contract for 65 X600 hand held devices complete with 2 D bar code scanner, GPS tracking of officers and a sophisticated real time timing module.


Portland is the largest city in Oregon with a population of 609,000 and 2,300,000 people living in the metropolitan area. A pioneer in Parking Enforcement and Public Safety, Portland prides itself on cutting edge solutions. The city has a vibrant nightlife and an active tourist trade. As ambassadors of the city, the parking enforcement officers are encouraged to welcome visitors, help with directions and be a friendly face in the midst of a busy city. So although an officer’s major job is about enforcement, they are now also seen as performing a much broader range of services that benefit the community.


Schweers worked hand in hand with the municipality to develop its complex parking solution. Acting as partners and subsequently empowering each other they were able to find new solutions and thereby offer a higher degree of service to the public while increasing returns and benefits to the city.


Developing, designing and manufacturing for 26 years Schweers devices are known for their ergonomic, rugged and comfortable design. With integrated thermal printers, integrated color cameras and real time capabilities they can withstand the heat of Abu Dhabi, the snowy winters of NY and the rain of Portland,OR. As innovators in the field of parking enforcement systems, web based operations and hand held applications Schweers creates reliable integrated service for easy straight forward handheld parking enforcement.


“Correct and efficient enforcement ensures the respect of parking, the environment and other regulations leading to improved public safety, increased traffic flow and increased availability of legal parking spaces.” said Michael Schweers, President and founder of Schweers International.





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