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ALPR Scan-Car

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Automated License Plate Recognition

Developing – Designing – Manufacturing

•  Military Grade GPS  •  Multiple Identification Features  •  Automatic-No Officer Interference Needed  •  360° scan view  •  Self Contained System  •  Easily Transferable between Law Enforcement Vehicles  •  Currently Available Wordwide, Coming to US Soon 


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Rooftop box

Standard Features:


  •  Automated Zone Detection, No Manual Entry Needed 
  •  Integration with multiple Pay-by-Phone, Digital Permitting Providers and Multi-Space Kiosks
  •  Equipped with advanced Vehicle detection and identification capabilities
  •  Seamless integration with Politess Web Office
  •  Detected infractions sent to closest Schweers Device
  •  Highly secured data transfer over cloud infrastructure
  •  Secure data entry, exchange and management
  •  Massive checking against lists

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Street smart enforcement


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