Software for Parking Enforcement 

we build solutions

- license plate recognition (lpr) -

- 1 and 2d barcode scanning -

- online queries to 3rd party providers -

- real-time ticketing -

- gps -


Android based software with user friendly and intuitive screens. Completely customized for the town or city for fast and efficient data entry. Totally integrated software enables the officer to communicate safely and securely with multiple 3rd party providers in seconds. Web based hosted solution available to authorized administrators from any computer or laptop.



online features

what to do with the data:


Real-time scofflaw list and permit check

Pay-by-phone/space enforcement

Pay-by-Plate enforcement

Officer mapping & tracking




Portals Server

portal server

our robust structure:


Secure route

Real-time connections between handheld and external databases

Interfaces with any 3rd-party service providers

Handles multiple requests in parallel




secure and reliable networking:


4G LTE online data link



 GPS tracking


Politess Mobile

politess mobile

- issue citations -


Politess Mobile is the software for your handheld parking enforcement device.  It's user friendly, intuitive, and allows for quick and easy data input and processing with exceptionally high data security. The handheld ensures that a variety of checks are made on the data, eliminating incorrect entries and ensuring that the court will be able to confidently issue fines.


Important entry fields such as streets, offense codes, and other data bits are present in the handheld, allowing immediate feedback and correct entries.


Citation writing features:

Tabel driven drop-down menu

Parking and observations

Unlimited photos linked to ticket

Real-time result and logging

Easy to customize codes to local laws

Multi-platform enforcement

Quick mode – High-light minimum info to issue tix

Quick & easy data input and processing

Day/night mode

Secure data entry, exchange and management

Notes and details for tix and weboffice only

Online and offline functionality

Timing/chalking tracking capabilities

Modular software

Issue and track warnings and escalating fines


Web based system

Politess WebOffice

politess weboffice

- manage and analyze enforcement data -


Much like Politess Mobile, Politess Weboffice is user friendly and intuitive. Web based hosted application available from any computer or laptop for authorized users. Fully supports wireless communication to and from all Schweers handhelds. Ticket data is reviewed, preprocessed, and forwarded to external back offices and collections.


Standard reports and activity logs are generated and are available for administrative interests.


Data Management Features:

Cloud based software

Data review

Data preprocessing

Data forwarding to external administr. libraries

Data forwarding to external collections

Standard reports

Activity logs


"Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."

– Steve Jobs (1955-2011) –



Street smart enforcement


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