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•  Realtime tracking  •  Monitor tickets, warnings, observations    Color-coded based on tasks    GPS coordinates on tickets  •  Analytics based on captured data 

   Track the route, activity and position of your officers throughout the course of their shift.  Highly accurate GPS sensors within our handheld devices allow for constant location updates. See issued tickets as well as warnings, observations and all officer activity in realtime.  Color coded symbols offer an intuitive tool for analyzing officer productivity.  Follow the officer's route and see their actions throught their day.  See icons for printed tickets, coffee breaks, court time etc. Helps create detailed reports to maximize workforce efficiency.

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Court Appearance

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Officer Identification

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Enable officers to send alarm signals if they are in trouble or in need of assitance. Administrators can send messeges and alerts to pre-defined destinations. Organize efficient operations based on actual in-field data to maximize productivity. Assign shifts to individual officers based on past data. Assign tasks per officer as well as per location

"...frequent streets and short blocks are valuable because of the fabric of intricate cross-use that they permit among the users of a city neighborhood." ― Jane Jacobs, Urban Planner and author of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities"


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