Our Vision is a future oriented and cosmopolitan usage of silent Air-Taxis and Air-Logistics.


We will enable an easy access and save usage or Air-Taxis and Air-Logistics to the public. Foremost we will develop, build and operate the needed infrastructure in Rhine-Ruhr Metropolis, Germany. 


More than 95 companies around the world are now involved in the development of air taxi services. Among them are more than 25 renowned aircraft and automobile manufacturers. The first air taxis are already functional and have proven their abilities. The question is not whether, but when air taxis are no longer the future but the present


From on 2025 various mobility service providers plan to take air taxis into commercial operation. Whereby one of the biggest obstacles to this opportunity for an innovative addition to a modern mobility offering is the realization of the necessary infrastructure and laws. Take-off and landing infrastructure and approved routes are the basis for the operation of air taxis - in every city around the world.


CityPorts supports the creation of a European solution and infrastructure that can provide inner-city take-off and landing areas for air taxis as well as air logistics!

What do we want to achieve in concrete terms?

 1. We will summarize the different requirements of the different manufacturers and technologies as needed.
 2. Together with cities and municipalities, we will develop ideas and requirements for unmanned aerial mobility. We will define and secure areas for fixed ports and hot spots.
 3. With existing airport, long-distance and local transport companies, car park companies and passenger transport companies, we want to build common concepts for cooperative mobility.
 4. We strive for the highest possible transparency and proximity to all citizens during all stages of the development. All citizens should benefit from an innovative and climate-friendly mobility solution in the medium and long term.
 5. We support project developers in considering taxis and flight logistics.

• Support the marketing and acceptance events of the manufacturer.

• Determine the mobility requirements of cities and the possibilities for flight operations.

• Determine and summarize the technical objectives of the manufacturers.

Until 2021:

• First CityPorts landing sites and showrooms.

• Legal basis to achieve flight operations.

Until 2023:

• Expand infrastructure.

• CityPorts flight taxi and flight logistics service in operation.

Until 2025:

• Rhine-Ruhr Metropolis – CityPorts Olympia Services.

Until 2032:



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