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We professionally repair and maintain Schweers devices at our American headquaters located in Montclair, NJ.  Our team of trained technicans makes sure your handhelds run smoothly and efficiently.  In addition to fixing the damage brought on by normal wear and tear, we provide annual preventative checkups to keep your Schweers hardware running as long as possible.  Yearly software updates, answers for software questions, and a help desk for support are all parts of our commitment to you.

As the manufacturer of the devices, we are able to stock our workrooms with all the components needed to keep your devices efficiently operating and generating tickets.  Therefore there is little downtime when a unit is out for a repair.

In addition, we can add capabilities and components as your needs change.  These pieces, whether they be GPS tracking, 2D bar code scanning, LPR, or pay-by-phone/space enforcement can be added to your Schweers hardware in our NJ facility.  Your device we will repaired and/or upgraded in our dedicated company workshop.

"Engage the end user in the design process.  Don't just ask him what he needs, but ask him how he think it can be achieved." — Amos Winter, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.


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