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In 1988, Schweers developed and manufactured the very first handheld mobile computer with an integrated printer designed for parking enforcement. Now, 30 years and 1,200 municipal customers later, our success is still based on the same fundamental principles. Innovation, ingenuity, quality, and long term goals are the foundation of Schweers' success. By working hand in hand with our customers and partners, we are able to empower each other and find mutually beneficial solutions. From working together, customers in Australia benefit from the lessons learned in the US, and those in the US learn from solutions developed in the United Arab Emirates, and thus the circle continues. At Schweers we believe that common goals can only be reached through extensive collaboration.



Schweers Australia together with our German Parent company, has over 1,200 customers around the world. Our customers range from cities with 600 handheld devices to small villages with only one handheld.



Each customer is important. And no two customers are alike. Each city has their own laws and regulations, so each enforcement solution needs to reflect these differences.


• 30 years of experience in the parking enforcement industry


• 1,200 customers worldwide in 15 different countries


• 10,000 operating terminals in the field


• Designed, developed, and manufactured in-house since 1988

"Correct enforcement ensures the respect of parking, environment and other regulations leading to improved public safety, increased traffic flow and increased availability of legal parking spaces."

– Michael Schweers, CEO and founder of PanStreet International –



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