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Ottawa, ON, Canada

Parking Enforcement Soultion for Ottawa

 August, 2020 – Ottawa, ON, the Capital of Canada, goes live with Schweers comprehensive Parking Enforcement Solution.


Ottawa, ON

New Powerful Parking Enforcement Solution for Ottawa, Canada


Faced with an outdated enforcement solution and aging hardware Ottawa, ON turned to Schweers to radically transform their parking operation.  Ottawa, ON will be the first city in Canada to introduce the Schweers’ Politess Android Enforcement Solution.  Schweers has been building parking enforcement solutions for 32 years. A market leader with 1,200 customers, we are proud to collaborate with the Capital of Canada to provide a powerful enforcement solution for this international city of 1.25 million and 11 million annual visitors.  Our flexibility enabled the development and delivery of this progressive solution serving both By-Law Officers as well as multiple Private Property Agencies..


Undeterred by challenges as a result of Covid-19, Schweers worked hand in hand with the City to build and deliver a tailored web-based solution with real time communication, digital checks against 3rd party vendors, tickets printed in both French and English and all in total compliance with the City’s hi level security requirements.  Working with Parksmart, Schweers is providing Ottawa with a unified parking enforcement operation converting their existing system into a cohesive, powerful and streamlined program.


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Memphis, Tennessee

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