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We professionally oversee the repair and maintenance of your devices at our American headquarters located in Montclair, NJ.  Our team of trained technicians make sure your handhelds run smoothly and efficiently.  In addition to overseeing the repair of damage brought on by normal wear and tear we review your devices for possible weaknesses and ID preventative repairs. Yearly software updates, answers for software questions, and a help desk for support are all parts of our commitment to you.


As the software designer and developer,we can add capabilities and components to your solution as your needs change.  These pieces, whether they be GPS tracking, 2D bar code scanning, LPR, or pay-by-phone/space enforcement can be added to your solution at any time. Often remotely by our team of software engineers. Your device we will repaired and on its way back to your operation quickly with little down time.


The name SCHWEERS stands for innovative and trendsetting products and services in the field of mobility and traffic. Our high standards apply to the entire lifecycle of your solution and therefore include the following services:

Mobila datorer är extremt stressade på vägen. Med SCHWEERS underhåll kommer dina mobila enheter att fungera tillförlitligt även under krävande förhållanden.


Kontinuerligt mjukvaruunderhåll garanterar kvalitet, laglig efterlevnad och systemtillgänglighet för alla processer i ditt Politess®-system.


maintenance and service for your politess system

- so that your investment pays off quickly -


The productivity and profitability of your Politess® system also depends on how well software and hardware are maintained, maintained and repaired. Our sophisticated service program adapts your solution to changing requirements and ensures its profitability.



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Amos Winter, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.

"Engage the end user in the design process. Don't just ask him what he needs, but ask him how he think it can be achieved."


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