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Helping Hand

January 2022 - Helping Hands in Parking enforcement


Helping Hand

How did this enforcement device get home safely?


Saturday morning and it's cold and snowing in Ottawa. A worried municipal customer calls to explain an officer has lost their enforcement device somewhere in the field. Can we help? Minutes later, while in NJ, we locate the handheld and send screen shots of the location to the concerned officer hundreds of miles away.

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Finding Nemo in Parking Services

 January 2021 - Creating a beacon - by turning the flashlight on and off repeatedly - the device was located within minutes.


A Happy Ending

How did this enforcement device get home safely?


It was Friday night and we got a panicked call from a municipal customer.  An officer had misplaced their enforcement device in the field and it was nowhere to be found.  Could we help locate it?  It was dark, cold and we were 425 miles away.

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