No more manually entering the plate. Fast, efficient and accurate our ANPR handheld App drastically reduces the time needed to determine compliance. In both list mode and individual plate mode the officer can launch an immediate online query to 3rd party providers to receive plate status. The officer quickly receives real time status of the plate and determines if a ticket is warranted. Checks can be made against multiple 3rd party providers in parallel.


All substantiating data is linked to the ticket record for justification of the officer’s action.


Politess Mobile can be downloaded to standard android smartphones provided by the user or robust professional tools provided and maintained by Schweers.

anpr handheld go


Schweers converteert Android-smartphones naar een krachtig mobiel ANPR-scanapparaat. Geheel geïntegreerd met onze Politess Mobile-software en de software van Politess Web Office. Leg kentekens vast en voer directe online-zoekopdrachten uit met externe leveranciers, zoals Pay-per-Phone, Pay-by-Plate, leveranciers van digitale vergunningen, real-time scofflaw, gestolen voertuiglijsten, enz. Met behulp van de camera en onze innovatieve software. Schweers machtigt uw parkeeroperaties.

anpr handheld go


Schweers converteert Andro…

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Scan de nummerplaat met de camera op het apparaat.


Automatische verificatie tegen verschillende databases.


Uitgifte van tickets voor niet-conforme voertuigen.

No more manually entering the plate. Fast, efficie…

Read more: ANPR GO - Powerful Mobile ANPR Handheld

Seamlessly, all the above features are available for the Inspection team through a simple unified hassle free screen.


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