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Schweers transforms Android devices into powerful enforcement tools enabling the parking operation to quickly, efficiently and securely enforce the law. Completely modular in design offering a tailored approach to each operation from basic enforcement to layered complexity. Web based, hosted and integrated with multiple third party providers as well as internal city data bases.


ANPR scanning converts the Android handheld into a fast, mobile ANPR device.

ANPR functionality is integrated with our enforcement app enabling the officer to capture license plates and perform immediate lookups with 3rd party providers. Scan a license plate and automatically check for pay-by-phone, pay-by-plate, scofflaw, permit, overtime. Fast, accurate, efficient.


Less data entry, less errors, greater officer productivity.

Enforcement Software with LPR


Modules / Add-Ons

Expand your enforcement software with any add-on at any time.

Independence in the market protects capital investment and empowers city decision makers with autonomy.

At Schweers we focus on enforcement. And have for 30 years. Our mission is to equip your officer in the field and your staff in the office with the most powerful yet flexible and self sufficient solution. We are grounded in real life having worked with over 1,200 municipalities all over the world and are aware of all the challenges your team encounters. As the developer we can add to your solution as the needs of your city change or your budget grows.


Integration with in ground sensors, stationary LPR cameras, LPR Scan-Cars, conversion of pay and display meters to Pay-by-Plate or Space, Pay-by-Phone and shared timing. We will integrate them into your existing enforcement system - when you are ready. With little disruption to your operation.


LPR Scan-Car

Permit Check


Scofflaw Lookup



GEO Mapping

Completely modular in design offering a tailored approach to each operation from basic enforcement to layered complexity.



Ticket data moves in real-time to our web based hosted office.  Authorized administrators with various user rights can review ticket dat before moving onto post processing. The hosted office is the think tank of the solution with reporting functionality, officer login credentials, drop down menu tables and an archive of all ticket data.


User friendly, intuitive and accessible by different user rights for various staff members.

Politess Web BackOffice


For processing ticket data can move from WebOffice directly to the court system, 3rd party processing providers or can be fully processed by our solution.

LPR Inventory Cyan7x

LPR Inventory

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LPR Mobile

LPR Mobile

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