anpr scan-car integration


- hits sent to the closest handheld -

- hit details saved to ticket record -

- web based -

- end to end enforcement -


Strengthen and empower your ANPR scan-car operation by integrating with Schweers enforcement to create a total end to end fully documented enforcement solution. All scan car hits move to our web based system. In seconds, we push hits to the closest handheld in the field.


All data gathered from the scan-car is stored in our solution and linked to issued tickets. Including photos. Officers in the field are able to confirm read accuracy, make a fresh online check with 3rd party providers and determine if a vehicle is non-compliant.

Roof camera solution

Roof-box solution

Inside camera solution

Roof camera solution

Completely automated enforcement.


All hits automatically move to the closest device.

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Combine Schweers handheld ANPR solution with your scan cars to create a total enforcement solution.  Scanning in an urban environment can be demanding.  Closely parked cars, unreliable GPS and dirty or snow covered plates often challenge the scan car.  Our handheld ANPR solution enables the officer on foot to scan plates in the hardest environment, check against massive lists and detect non-compliance while maintaining a presence in the neighborhood.


While scanning with our device he is also able to enforce a complete range of offenses in addition to automatically checking pay-by-phone, pay-by-plate, permit list, etc.

LPR Timing

LPR Timing

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LPR Mobile

LPR Mobile

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