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Portland, OR, P&R

Portland Parks and Recreation - Parking Enforcement

February 2016 - New parking enforcement solution for The Park and Recreation Department of The City of Portland.


Portland's Dept. of P&R, OR

Portland Parks and Recreation chooses Schweers as their parking enforcement solution


Tasked with enforcing the parking at Portland’s baseball fields, memorials, tennis courts, hiking trails and skateboard parks The Park and Recreation Department turned to Schweers Technology.
With 2,300,000 people living in the metropolitan area The Parks and Recreation Department needed help converting their operation from hand written tickets to a web based, real time enforcement operation
chweers installed X600s with integrated 2D bar-code scanners, color cameras, printers and 3G modems.  3 different permit categories are enforced with automatic checks made against daily downloaded lists.  The 2D bar code scanner is use to scan daily permits to check for fraud and 1D bar code permits are scanned into the handheld in order to include the xx # in the history of the infraction.  The successful integration with Cale meters enables the officer to check, in real-time from the X600, the payment status of parking spaces within the Cale zones.  All ticket data is transferred in real-time to a Politess Web Office in order for the administrator to review and forward to the city’s court system for processing.
Schweers Technology has been helping The City of Portland with their parking enforcement since 2005.  We are proud to collaborate with the Park and Recreation Department to create an efficient and streamlined solution for their busy environment.


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