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SAMBA É VIDA attracts the sun at the company summer party and many good reasons to celebrate for Schweers group of companies

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On September 8, 2023 PanStreet International became part of the Schweers International group of companies headquartered in Meerbusch. Coincidentally this goes along with the 35th anniversary of the company.


In addition to this, Michael Schweers appointed the long-time employees Dirk-Oliver Harms and Hecham Haykal as Managing Directors of Schweers Consult GmbH and PanStreet International GmbH. "It is a great pleasure for me that our highly estimated team-members continue the work what started 35 years ago and that they thus ensure the successful future of the group of companies and make sure that the very good social cohesion, like in a big family, continues", emphasized company owner Michael Schweers. With the aim to support the team spirit, there are always joint activities in addition to work that promote togetherness in everyday company life.  Thus, this year's summer party was again a very good opportunity for the Schweers team to exchange ideas in a casual atmosphere.


The rain, which lasted until early afternoon, did not spoil the good mood and the Schweers team made the best of it. The percussion group SAMBA É VIDA finally brought out the sun with their typical Brazilian rhythms. The fact that this group performed at the company party was due to a happy coincidence. On Shrove Monday (in German “Rosenmontag”, climax of the German carnival celebrations) 2023, company owner Michael Schweers became aware of the SAMBA É VIDA group, in which Martina Schwarz, Head of International Marketing, is a member, during a performance in front of Düsseldorf City Hall. Some time later Martina Schwarz approached her boss about the fact that her group was looking for a logo. Thanks to the creativity of Michael Schweers and his daughter Jaqueline Scharpenberg, a very upbeat logo for the Samba Group was created within a few weeks. As a symbol of gratitude for their generous support, the percussion group performed at this year's summer party, encouraged the team of Schweers/PanStreet to join in and appointed both, equipped with T-shirts with the new logo, as SAMBA É VIDA conductors. Michael Schweers expressed his special thanks to SAMBA É VIDA for their performance at the summer festival and praised the group for taking the time on a Friday afternoon to enrich the festivities.


Information about SAMBA É VIDA

Martin Hesselbach, professional percussionist from Meerbusch, North-Rhine Westphalia, with a passion for Cuban, African and Brazilian music, fulfilled his heart's desire in 2021 and started to establish a typical Brazilian Samba Batucada. The range of this group is manifold. Thanks to the rich experience of Martin Hesselbach and enthusiastic fellow musicians, a colorful and entertaining repertoire was developed in a very short time from the diverse musical world of Brazil, spanning a skillful arc from Samba Reggae and Samba Funk, through Gingado and Maracatu to Rio Style.



SAMBA É VIDA: Martin Hesselbach 0173 2671710, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schweers/PanStreet International: Martina Schwarz 02159-5292-24 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Author: Christian Dick

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