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Helping Hand

January 2022 - Helping Hands in Parking enforcement


Helping Hand

How did this enforcement device get home safely?


Saturday morning and it's cold and snowing in Ottawa. A worried municipal customer calls to explain an officer has lost their enforcement device somewhere in the field. Can we help? Minutes later, while in NJ, we locate the handheld and send screen shots of the location to the concerned officer hundreds of miles away.

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Internship in Germany

June 2021 - Beckett Welles joins the team at Schweers’ Headquarters in Germany


Beckett is on his way to Germany

Viel Glück und Spaß Beckett.


Excited to send  Beckett Welles, our long-term intern, to Germany this summer to join his Schweers’ colleagues at our headquarters in Meerbusch. He’s fully vaccinated and eager to meet team.  Beckett interned with Schweers for four years while attending Montclair High School and is now a Junior at The University of Maryland majoring in Computer Science with a specialization in Cybersecurity and a minor in Terrorism Studies and Advanced Cybersecurity.

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Parking Study and Data Protection

 May 2021 – Scalable Parking Study LPR Handheld Tool


Parking Study Tool with Data Protection Feature

New flexible parking data capture tool.


Excited to share the announcement of our new Parking Study LPR Tool.  Configurable, flexible and scalable.  Fast collection of parking data using our handheld LPR technology.   Captured parking data can be provided in raw form or converted to meaningful analytic reports based on the project goals.  Our colleagues in Germany are working in collaboration with The City of Hamburg, Germany to create studies to identify occupancy rates for short term, non-resident long term and resident parkers for defined areas throughout the city.  In keeping with strict privacy laws in the EU our solution satisfies the requirement to anonymize the plate information while protecting the integrity of the data. The City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants.

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Walk the Talk - Schweers' commitment to sustainability

 April 2021 - Schweers commitment to sustainability


Walk the Talk

Solar panels, E-charging and flower garden.


At our Meerbusch headquarters in Germany we invested in multiple way to support sustainability.  The following are some examples.

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Finding Nemo in Parking Services

 January 2021 - Creating a beacon - by turning the flashlight on and off repeatedly - the device was located within minutes.


A Happy Ending

How did this enforcement device get home safely?


It was Friday night and we got a panicked call from a municipal customer.  An officer had misplaced their enforcement device in the field and it was nowhere to be found.  Could we help locate it?  It was dark, cold and we were 425 miles away.

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