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35. Company Anniversary at Schweers


We are delighted to celebrate the long company anniversary of our colleague Hartmut Neubauer, who has been actively supporting the Schweers Group in the field of software development for 35 years. Despite his retirement in 2023, he continues to work part-time for us in order to continue to contribute his know-how.


He receives a certificate for his 35th company anniversary from his superior, Managing Director Hecham Haykal.

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Preparation for a new storage


Excavation work for a new storage area at at PanStreet/Schweers in Meerbusch, Germany by one of our dedicated colleague Volodymyr. Great work! 😎 ✌



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An individual gift for a special retiring colleague


Farewell, Adieu, Arrivederci, Adios, Tot Ziens Stephan Meiser

The whole Team is handing-over the special glass installation today. "Many Thanks to all of you participating with your individual tiles. This way Stephan will keep best memories on his 36 years @ Schweers International" emphasized by Michael Schweers.


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Ready for Intertraffic Amsterdam!


Countdown for Intertraffic Amsterdam- We build Solutions with integrated Cameras - We will show real-time application at our booth 10.413 - See you there!


Get your Visitor Ticket at

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Visit us at Intertraffic Amsterdam!


Preparations for Intertraffic Amsterdam from April 16-19, 2024 are going on! Get the latest features of our Parking Enforcement Software at our booth no. 10.413. We have many more surprises for you to experience! 


Get your Visitor Ticket at

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Successful New Year 2024!


The year 2024 also starts directly with our excellent customer service to keep our customers up to date!



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Honey made by our PanBees


Our PanBees Team surprised us with their first tastiest honey from Germany just before Xmas time. 


PanBees by Imkerei Schweers,

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024



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City of Perth is using Politess®


Our PanStreet Parking Enforcement System is implemented successfully within only 6 weeks in the City of Perth.


Thank you to the whole team on both sides of the Globe🌏  

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Politess® Project with the City of Perth


Our recent Project with the City of Perth is supported on-site by two Colleagues of our Schweers Team! 

A great cooperation with the other side of the globe 🌏  

Parking Solutions around the Globe by Schweers International


Parking Solutions around the Globe by Schweers International


Farewell to Rob Elverding


Our good old friend and first international partner ever, Rob Elverding, has passed away on Oct. 27 in the age of 95.


We have been to his farewell party celebrating his life. Just like we used to have rolls and shots together with our customers celebrating a new installation.

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Schweers Group restructures


The Schweers Group, headquartered in Meerbusch has now implemented a long-time awaited restructuring. As of September 1, 2023, the umbrella company of the Schweers Group will be called "Schweers International GmbH". Michael Schweers has the function of the Managing Director of the umbrella company.  Under this umbrella, the companies Schweers Consult GmbH with Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic, PanStreet International GmbH, Schweers Technologies, Inc. (USA) and Schweers Australia Pty Limited are well arranged to continue global software development and local application services for market & parking management SaaS to their international customers. At the same time, the Commercial Director Dirk-Oliver Harms and the Development Director Hecham Haykal are appointed as managing directors of the companies Schweers Consult GmbH and PanStreet International GmbH.


Michael Schweers, as owner and founder of the family-owned company, is particularly keen to offer his employees optimum long-term prospects and security. The company's team, made up of people from eight different countries and characterized by cosmopolitanism, has successfully defied the pandemic and, thus, continues to be in exceptionally good waters. Having in mind the company’s motto “Zeitgeist”, the Schweers Group shall always be organized in a future-oriented and sustainable way. This was the reason to implement the restructuring right now.

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„Mr. Parking Denmark“ – Torben Andersen



His identification with the range of products and corporate philosophy of the Schweers group as well as his market and branch know-how for many years now were the deciding factors for entrusting Torben Andersen with a new job position in the Schweers International group of companies. His new job position can be described as “Mr. Parking Denmark” of Schweers International. He has just been named as Branch Manager of the Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic. In an interview he spoke about his professional career up to now, the reasons why Schweers International is a very fascinating company and why he is looking forward to his new job challenge, as well as about future business goals.
The interview was conducted by Christian Dick.

Question: How long have you been employed with the company Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic now and how did you become an employee of the company?
Torben Andersen: I have been employed with the Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic since 2006. At that time the Schweers group was basically a hardware manufacturer of the handheld computers for parking enforcement, like the X600. The Schweers group bought a competing company in Denmark, with which I was employed at that time.
I originally have a Software Developer background and studied Information Technology at the University of Copenhagen. I was needed for my detailed knowledge about the products of the overtaken company and contacts in the Danish market. I was therefore hired as a project manager and the connecting link to the Danish customers. At the same time, I could assist Schweers in integrating the Ticketman handheld computer and software systems.

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SAMBA É VIDA attracts the sun at the company summer party and many good reasons to celebrate for Schweers group of companies


On September 8, 2023 PanStreet International became part of the Schweers International group of companies headquartered in Meerbusch. Coincidentally this goes along with the 35th anniversary of the company.


In addition to this, Michael Schweers appointed the long-time employees Dirk-Oliver Harms and Hecham Haykal as Managing Directors of Schweers Consult GmbH and PanStreet International GmbH. "It is a great pleasure for me that our highly estimated team-members continue the work what started 35 years ago and that they thus ensure the successful future of the group of companies and make sure that the very good social cohesion, like in a big family, continues", emphasized company owner Michael Schweers. With the aim to support the team spirit, there are always joint activities in addition to work that promote togetherness in everyday company life.  Thus, this year's summer party was again a very good opportunity for the Schweers team to exchange ideas in a casual atmosphere.

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Julian is on his way to an international exchange of experiences!

Julian Courte has been providing Support to our customers with the utmost efficiency. As part of a five-month #sabbatical, he has now set out for his first destination of the Schweers Group in the USA (Massachusetts) to use his know-how there as well and to exchange ideas with our local employees. Safe travels and a successful start in our US office!

Video: Safe Trip!



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