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Schweers International impresses with Full Scale App – Intertraffic 2024 very encouraging


With great enthusiasm Saeed Akhtar, new Senior Project Manager of Schweers International, and Julian Courte, new Project Assistant, were for the first time among the Schweers International team representing the company at the Intertraffic in Amsterdam taking place from 16 to 19 April 2024. They mastered their challenge to attract world-wide business partners and potential new customers very successfully.  At the Schweers’ stand they met many international visitors, from Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia and Africa, many Arabian countries as well as a delegation of the Minister of Transport from the Republic of Georgia (South Caucasus). The exchange of ideas with Schweers’ business partners from all over the world, was a greatly received and a pleasure for the Schweers International team at the Intertraffic.


Schweers International had the stand in cooperation with its business partner Zebra Technologies Corp. with a presentation of the Zebra TC Smart Phones and tablets.

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Successful New Year 2024!


The year 2024 also starts directly with our excellent customer service to keep our customers up to date!



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Update KV 11 Ramses III Project


First use of #Zebra's Rugged #Tablets in the excavation site in the Valley of the Kings was successful. The tablets were in operation inside and outside the excavation house for the preparatory inventory and damage mapping on the wall paintings, the scientific research. Daily multiple internet and power failures with daytime temperatures above 40℃ were not a problem for the tablets.


How is PanStreet involved in this project? Learn more:: 

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