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PanStreet and Zebra in the Valley of the Kings

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The development process of „Ramesses III. – Publication and Conservation Project“ began in 2011. In 2017, the concession for this project was granted by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The project focuses on the preservation, documentation and publication of the tomb of King Ramesses III. The project is institutionally supervised by the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, in cooperation with the Egyptian universities of Luxor and Qena.


The company Zebra, a manufacturer of mobile handheld computers, has just provided the terminals for excavation for this project.  For implementing this work, Zebra needed a project partner handling the service. In this context, the company Zebra had the idea to take its business partner PanStreet International as a project partner on board. PanStreet International based in Meerbusch in the German Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia has just won the „ZEBRA Innovation Award 2022“. In the framework of this project, PanStreet International purchases and provides the hardware, this means the devices, and it is entrusted with the service and warranty handling.  Zebra is sponsoring the devices in this project and PanStreet International is sponsoring the service.


Why did Zebra choose PanStreet International as a project partner? The reason for this is that PanStreet International has a great diversity of languages among its employees. Arabic is even the mother tongue of some employees – a clear advantage for the Ramesses III-project due to the focus on Egyptian Antiquity.


PanStreet and Zebra are, thus, in the position to achieve very good synergy effects when co-operating in this project. The PanStreet team approaches this challenge with great optimism and motivation and is looking forward to an interesting cooperation.  


Author: Christian Dick



Further Info of the Project and Sponsoring Opportunities:

The Ramesses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project

Luxor / Westbank

Valley of the Kings

Project Donation Account:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Projektnr./Project no.: D.01362.00.551112)

Berliner Bank - Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank PGK AG

BIC: DEUTDEDB110 / IBAN: DE95 1007 0848 0512 6206 01

Purpose of use (please specify!): D.01362.00.551112


Discussing the future
PanStreet receives Zebra Innovation Award 2022

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